About Us!

Located in the heart of Squirrel Hill, The Beacon is a vibrant community space with a focus on uplifting and supporting the wellbeing and mental health of teens in high school. It offers programs that introduce mindfulness and self-awareness, to help teens improve their emotional literacy. Facilitated by trained staff, we aim to empower teens to advocate for themselves and one another, as they learn to care for their mental health. 

Teen-designed and teen-led, The Beacon is a response to the intense pathologizing of mental health among young people. It recognizes that it is not our teens who are “broken,” but rather our system; it provides a space for teens to find their joy, flourish, and thrive.

The Beacon will offer inclusive groups on mindfulness, self-expression through the creative arts, befriending yourself and others, coping with social media, developing self-advocacy skills, finding purpose, setting boundaries, recognizing the need for help, and handling anxiety and depression.

Teens point at The Beacon entrance sign during its opening celebration.

Our Address

1926 Murray Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15217